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Top Quality Concrete Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning in Denver, NC

Top Quality Concrete Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning in Denver, NC

We received a quote request for concrete cleaning and gutter cleaning from a customer in Denver, NC. The customer stated that their driveway and porch had not been washed and their gutters had not been cleaned in quite some time and was VERY dirty. We assured them that we could eliminate all the organic growth, dirt, and grime from their concrete with our custom built professional pressure wash/softwash trailer and our expansive trade knowledge. Using only the customer's address we were able to measure the concrete area they wanted cleaned and their gutters on google earth and get them a quote remotely in under five minutes. The customer was surprised that we actually answered the phone and blown away that we got them a quote back in under five minutes. After we impressed them with our easy and quick quoting process, we told them about our process on concrete cleaning and gutter cleaning. We told them about how our gutter cleaning is more of a premium service. We don't only remove the debris but we also clear any clogged downspouts, rinse the inside of the gutters, and dispose of the debris. We told them on the concrete, we will apply another custom blended detergent, let it dwell, then run the high pressure surface cleaner to clean deep within the pores of the concrete. After running the surface cleaner, we will rinse, then oftentimes spray the detergent again to post treat the concrete and keep any organic growth from occurring for some time. We also told them about how we try to make the whole process as easy as possible and they don't even need to be there when we work. We can let them know when we arrive, take before and after pictures, then send an invoice to their email through QuickBooks so they can pay with a card or bank account. They loved the easy process and made the choice to let us get them on the schedule.

After letting the customer know we were on the way, we arrive at the house and see that the concrete and especially the porch was quite dirty. We knocked on the door and discussed with the customer all our processes again and they were very appreciative! We started on the gutters and got them cleaned quickly! After we pre-wetted the concrete with water (a step that many skip), we sprayed on our custom blend of detergents with our custom built softwash system. We gave the detergent some time to dwell then we ran the surface cleaner and rinsed, after that, all the organic growth, dirt, and grime came right off. The customer was amazed at how clean the gutters, driveway, and especially porch were after we finished. They were extremely pleased with our service and the entire process and asked us to put them on the schedule for next year to take advantage of our annual service agreement discount. Another happy customer that we will see next year!

Budget: $600

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Client Review

Communication was good. Described in detail their cleaning process. Driveway, sidewalk and porch came out sparkling clean. Also gutters were cleaned well.

- Chris S

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