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Best Roof Cleaning and Dock Cleaning in Denver, NC

Best Roof Cleaning and Dock Cleaning in Denver, NC

We received a quote request for patio cleaning, dock cleaning, and roof cleaning from a customer in Denver, NC. They found us through google and filled out the contact form on our website and we called them back within a few minutes to discuss the quote request. We explained to them the benefits of professional roof cleaning and they were ready to get their roof cleaned and protected from the gloeocapsa magma that was taking over and destroying their roof. The customer was concerned about what chemicals we would use in washing the dock and we explained to them that would could do it with just water and still have a very good result. We also told the customer about the roof washing process and how it comes with a three year guarantee to be free from gloeocapsa magma. We also explained the difference between soft washing and pressure washing and why we would soft wash the roof and pressure wash the concrete and deck. We then used only the customer's address to measure their house on google earth and get them a quote remotely in under five minutes. The customer was surprised that we responded to their quote request so quickly and blown away that we got them a quote back in under five minutes. After we impressed them with our easy and quick quoting process, they asked about what forms of payment we accept. We told them about how we try to make the whole process as easy as possible and they don't even need to be there when we work. We can let them know when we arrive, take before and after pictures, then send an invoice to their email through QuickBooks so they can pay with a card or bank account. They loved the easy process and made the choice to let us get them on the schedule.

After letting the customer know we were on the way, we get to the house and see the gutters are in need of a gutter cleaning so we call the customer and let tell them about the benefits of getting their gutters cleaned and they wanted to go ahead and add that service for a small fee since we were already there. After we got the gutters all cleaned out and cleared a few downspout clogs, we moved on to property protection. We always prioritize property protection when working at a customer’s home, especially when doing something that uses stronger detergents like roof washing. After making sure the customers house and vegetation were protected, we washed the roof, hitting a few tough spots several times before they came out clean according to our high standards. After that, we moved on to the patio. We pretreated the patio, pressure washed it with our 24” surface cleaner and we post treated it as well. Many “professionals skip the pretreatment and posttreatment but we know that it provides a better outcome and we don’t ever want to leave the striping that often comes from skipping those steps. The dock was next on the list, we cleaned that with only water to make sure no chemicals got in the lake. The customer was amazed at how clean the roof, patio, and dock were after we finished. They were extremely pleased with our service and the entire process and asked us to put them on the schedule for next year to take advantage of our annual service agreement discount. They even said they would take advantage of our referral program and tell all their friends in Denver and the surrounding areas about the excellent service we offer. Another happy customer that we will see next year!

Budget: $1500

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